Author: Manuel M. Taylor

Videoslots Casino – Bonus Code And Promo Codes Are The Real Deal In This Casino

If you have ever played a land-based casino, then you know exactly what these establishments are. Noisy rooms, ringing of coins from automatic machines, exclaiming players, the sound of chips, all this formed an atmosphere that helped to concentrate and win big money.

Few people know, but gambling was very popular for many millennia before the advent of the Internet. Today everyone can play slot machines for money in online casinos, at any convenient time, regardless of their territorial location. However, several dozens of years ago, gamblers had to cram in narrow basements, where slot machines were so beloved and desired by all fans of such entertainments were usually installed.

Especially in Las Vegas, there are a lot of casinos that sparkle with banners and attract everyone with their brightness. Over time, all these land-based casinos went online and were not mistaken.

On the one hand, the style and design of the good old casinos are very popular with all gamblers, and on the other hand, there are more advantages in online casinos. The main advantages of online casinos from terrestrial inaccessibility, that is, online casinos do not depend on such constraining factors as geography and time. It is possible to play without leaving your home at any time of the day or night.

In second place are free games, as this is the main advantage of online casinos over land-based casinos. Beginners can learn games such as online poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette and many other popular games. Training takes place in real-time, but without real bets. This is a proven way to turn new visitors into regular customers. By the way, it is worth saying that in the land-based casinos the very word “demo game” does not exist.

All these wonderful benefits have been gathered by one very bright and popular casino called Videoslots Casino. It has all these positive aspects. Created in 2011, the casino quickly gained momentum and became recognizable to everyone.

Another important plus and difference from land-based casinos is mobility. Ground-based casinos, as a rule, slowly adapt to the current needs of mobile market players. In this regard, online casinos are one step ahead, since online casinos guarantee accessibility and compatibility with various devices and mobile operating systems, especially Android and iPhone. At the same time, you can play your favorite games both in the browser of your mobile device and using mobile applications. The mobile version of this popular casino will be discussed later.

Having gathered experience, skills, having analyzed the game software market and other analogs, having gathered a team of professionals, which consists of designers, developers, and many more skilled workers were created the video slots game site.

More than 5 years have passed since the creation of the site, and it is increasingly gaining popularity and does not remain unparalleled. With excellent design and gaming software, this casino has taken its place in the top of the best casinos on the Internet around the world. Each user is amazed when he comes to the site because of the casino surprises with its scope of games and design. It’s worth starting with the fact that the game portal cooperates with popular and well-known software developers around the world. They are one of the first to deliver the best games to this site.

It is also important to note that land-based casinos will never please their players with bonuses and gifts, unlike online casinos, and it can hardly boast as many interesting loyalty programs and bonus systems. Both new players and regular customers receive various rewards for performing a variety of actions – from registering on the site to replenishing the deposit. And video slots is one of the best casinos that boast with excellent service, quality software and generous bonuses. This is one of the few casinos in 2021 that gives out so many bonuses.

Sometimes such rewards are completely insignificant but very pleasant. High-quality online casinos value all their players and visitors, without exception. In most cases, new customers receive a 100% first deposit bonus or no deposit bonus for their first registration. For example, in Videoslots they give all newcomers a 100% bonus and up to 200 euros as a gift, and each user who has just registered has the opportunity to get up to 4200 extra free spins in the battle for slots. Therefore, if you are not yet a user of such a popular casino as Videoslots, then now is the time to go to the official website and register in the registration window, which will not take more than 3 minutes.

Also, the online casino offers a wide range of video slots, roulette, poker, and other table and card games for every taste from leading manufacturers. And this casino has a large number of all kinds of slots and games.

Just try to imagine what size should be a ground institution in order to accommodate all the games presented at Videoslots online casino. It was a very good idea for someone to create an online casino because this is not only convenience and mobility and a bunch of the above advantages but also thousands of games on one casino site. If online casinos do not exist, then all people would have to look for a suitable casino in their city and it will be possible to play not just in one casino, but several, because not every casino has all the games that are on the pages of online casinos. Videoslots Casino, unlike many online portals, has more than 500 games and slots that will appeal to everyone. You may not try to play all the games provided, because there are a lot of them, but this is not important, because the most important thing is to find one or several games that you add to your favorites and play it every time you have free time.


The official website of the popular Casino Videoslots greets each user in dark colors. They say that dark shades and black color do not distract from games, and are also neutral colors that do not irritate the eyes.

The design is restrained, but well-designed enough. The main logo of the casino is made in bright gold color, next you can see the lever from classic slot machines and a mountain of coins, it immediately becomes clear what kind of site we see without any extra guesses. Unlike casinos, which like to place a lot of advertising, bright banners, and flickering signs on websites, this site is rather restrained, because there are only a few advertising banners on the main page that offer various slot machines. This is done very conveniently because you can immediately get acquainted with the availability of games on the site. They do not close the review and fit perfectly into the casino interface.

Under the main logo is the main menu of online casinos. The home page will return you from any casino page to the main one. If you click on the button that called all games, then you will see the entire list of existing games on this site, be careful and get your eyes ready to see just a huge number of different slots and games. If you focus on this category, it is important to talk about how the site and category are structured. This category of the game portal meets users with a search line where you can see the number of games that are available in this casino. A good idea for developers is the sorting of different types. Here you can sort the games by developers, there are as many as nine of them.

It is also possible to sort by other criteria, by type of games, these can be 3d games, features, grid slots, 3 wheel slots, 1024 ways, and many others. There is also a Popular button on the site, which will show you all the popular games on the site. This popular casino also has alphabetical sorting, because it is very convenient if, for example, your game starts with the letter A. Next to alphabetical sorting there is a button with an asterisk, these are all your favorite games. Do not worry, if you still do not have a single game in this section, play, search for your own and add. Games can be sorted by rows, there are 15, 30, 90, 150 and many more rows.

Game genres are located to the left of the game logos, each genre has its icon, that is, an image. Here you can find Jackpots with the image of a bag of money, this is not surprising, because to hit a jackpot means to win a huge amount of money, so big that it can not even fit in a bag.

It is believed that betting games first appeared in ancient China, but many historians disagree with this statement. In Europe, they gained popularity in the 14-15 centuries, where such fun was transformed and took on a form close to modern. Since the emergence of jackpots, their appearance has constantly changed. The calculation of such a gain in each entertainment is carried out in accordance with the established rules. The Videoslots casino has progressive jackpots, this is when the amount starts from a minimum size and increases over time, for example, by a percentage of each new wagered amount until the coveted jackpot is dropped. Then the growing amount starts again increasing from a minimum. In order to win the coveted jackpot you just need to be a registered user on this site, go into the jackpots category, select the appropriate game or you can choose from the list that is under the genres of games. You can choose any game, at the moment the game with the largest amount is Mega Moolah, if you are the user who will win the jackpot then you will get 2 million 832 thousand and 33 euros.

The genre of video slots is almost the basis of every casino, if someone does not quite understand what is it, we will explain now. Video slots are the latest generation devices in which real reels have been replaced with a screen with their image. Nothing innovative. The use of new technologies in the slot game opened up great opportunities for creativity and each slot manufacturer used them in their way. The video playing field began to include five, seven, nine reels with a huge number of payment lines, unlike the good old machines, where there were no more than three reels. Bonus games, bank games, and multi-games with the ability to select multiple games on one machine were added to the main game. The slots themselves have become themed, with beautiful graphics and animation, realistic sound effects. Casino video slots are no exception because they have a large number of classic and modern video slots for every taste and color. There are even slots that are dedicated to films and groups. For example, in this game portal, there is a slot called Kiss, which is named and stylistically decorated in honor of the famous group.

Genre slots seem to be like a regular genre of games, but in the video slots, you can find the rarest slots that are not found anywhere else. Fans of gambling and something new will be very happy when they go to the site.

Blackjack is a very interesting game and it arose long ago as well as slot machines. This card game with simple rules was formed from the well-known game “twenty-one”. They say she appeared back in the 17th century BC In France, blackjack was also well known under the name “twenty-one.” The French began playing blackjack in the mid-18th century, making the game very popular. There are several varieties of this game in the video slots casino, so a whole section has been allocated to this genre of the game. There are so many versions of this interesting game that the user can run their eyes, but there is plenty to choose from.

Roulette is a classic of every casino, not a complicated but fascinating game that will appeal to all users, both gamblers and beginners. It is important to say that this site provides a wide selection of this game, here you can find a lot of versions and add not one game to your favorites, but at least ten.

Video poker will not leave indifferent any user who knows what gambling is. This game is one of the most popular and profitable gambling entertainment, which is included in the casino gaming assortment. In essence, Real gaming machines in land-based casinos are equipped with the usual buttons for bets and moves.

Video poker is a very bright game that will please any user, there are also a lot of versions of various games. For example, double bonus poker, aces and eights, pyramid bonus poker and well-known jacks or better. You will not find such games in any casino, because suppliers are well-known and popular developers of gaming software, so this gaming portal receives one of the first to receive all the latest games.

Scratch Cards are the simplest games that can find every user in this casino. This is a new type of games that have appeared in the casino recently. People know that lotteries exist for a long time, but exactly this type was created recently. Real Scratch cards were invented by a team of scientists from America. Videoslots has a large selection of interesting games for every taste and color and here you can still play various rare games. For example, you will not find games like space evader, plunder the sea, hairy fairies, Mumbai magic and other interesting games that will catch attention both gamblers and new gamers.

No casino will be considered a top-level casino if there is no live casino in it. This is a genre of games where each user can play with a live dealer and real opponents, as well as talk to them through the microphone, which makes the game more interesting, and this game also creates the impression that you are in Las Vegas, one of the most usable casino.

In the genre menu of games, you can also find other games that are not included in the list of suggested categories.

Under the genre categories is the registration button and login button, this is another reminder to those users who can not register on this popular and affordable site.

At the very bottom of the page, you can find the second menu, where the most important sections are located. By clicking on News you can find interesting articles and tips about which updates are in the casino, information about bonuses and promotions, as well as about great offers, various games and much more. In the about us section, you can find all the casino information that users wanted to know. Responsible gaming will tell everyone about how important it is to spend enough time on gambling so as not to become an avid player with a disease called gambling. Terms and conditions will tell users about the rules and laws on the game portal. Because in order to break the rules, you need to know them first. Bonus terms are one of the most popular sections because it describes all the information on how to get bonuses and how long they are credited, as well as a lot of other information. Of the interesting sections here is still Contact us, where each user can ask a question and get a timely answer.


This casino is very interesting because there is no separate section with bonuses here. There are links to the welcome bonus on the main page. One of the most generous casinos promises a very big bonus. In order to become a successful owner of bonuses in, you need to go through a simple registration procedure.

Registration here is not much different from this process in other similar gaming portals. In order to start playing you need to click on Open Account, then you will need to enter your valid email address, which you will receive confirmation of registration, and in the future the casino will send you various promotions, great offers, links to personal bonuses, codes, free spins, no deposit bonus, bonus code, as well as even a voucher bonus.Create a password, choose a country. This casino is one of the most accessible because this casino is not blocked by various countries like other analogs, therefore countries such as Canada, New Zealand, UK, Australia are able to play in various slots and even free games.

Back to the welcome bonus for beginners, the casino gives a very generous bonus on first games to every user in the casino. Put money on a deposit and get a 100% bonus and up to 200 euros on casino games. In order to activate the bonus, you need to go to your profile and open the tab my bonuses.

There is also a weekly reload bonus for all players. The casino also has tournaments with free spins and real money, as well as gambling players will enjoy the progressive prize pool.


Statistics show that more than half of users constantly use pocket gadgets when playing in online casinos. This indicates not only that today mobile phones and tablets are used more often than personal computers, but also about the high quality of mobile versions.

The casino has no app, but there is a flash version that is suitable for all devices and screens, you can run it in the browser of any phone and tablet.

Playing in the online Casino Videoslots from your mobile phone, you will not notice much difference with the desktop version. Unless in the interface, but this was done solely in order to adapt the official site to smaller screens.


The administration of the casino takes the privacy and protection of the personal data of its players very seriously. All data of the resource, including all players’ private information is under reliable protection of encryption, as evidenced by a certificate on the official site of the Casino Videoslots.

The game room also collaborates with some organizations that will help you if you are in gambling captivity.

It is forbidden to have a double account and register from the prohibited territories. Upon withdrawal, you will be required to go through a simple verification.


The casino is so well made that no user has left negative feedback.

Security here is at a high level, no one will be able to find out user data, and will also intercept information about card data.

Support service is open seven days a week. You can contact support operators by phone, write an email or in live chat, which will be more comfortable.

Bonuses are generous here, so each user will be happy with the bonus policy. Promo codes, no deposit bonus, bonus code, free spins, and free games are here in a large assortment and are also quite rare, so no casino can provide such a large selection.

Those gamers who have long been playing in a casino have access to their account using the login button.

Since the casino has its own mobile version, you do not need to download additional software. Often applications take up a lot of memory, because when a person download something, the application clogs up RAM. Therefore, the casino is very convenient to do, now users will not download applications for a long time, but will use the verified flash version.

Bonus code, promo codes and free games are real in, of course if you are a registered user.